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Award-Winning Tampa Pool Remodeling Services

Ronny Snow’s Pool Patrol has been offering award-winning pool resurfacing service in Tampa for nearly a decade. We combine high-quality materials, personalized services, and experienced craftsmen to achieve our goal—to build you a pool that excites and inspires each time you lay eyes on it.

Is your backyard in dire need of a refresh? Is it time you made your pool safer, more efficient, and easier on the eyes? Have you always wanted a pool that you could show off with pride?

Ronny Snow’s famous pool patrol has been in business in the local area for years, offering high-quality, top-rated Tampa pool restoration. What sets us apart is our dedication to providing you with an enjoyable and even entertaining pool remodeling experience. From competitive pricing and top-of-the-line materials to our friendly, English-speaking staff and expert team, we handle everything from start to finish like no other.

Ronny and the team have helped hundreds of local families build memories that will last a lifetime. If you want a pool that inspires and excites, they are the only choice in Central Florida.

Tampa Pool
Tampa Pool

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The Pool Patrol have been plying their trade in Tampa since 2010, but the whole team is deeply experienced in constructing safe, long-lasting, visually stunning works of backyard art. We know how to design a masterpiece, plan it from start to finish, and produce a final product that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

HomeAdvisor is the leading authority in connecting homeowners to the very best home remodelers in the entire nation. We are proud to be rated as one of HomeAdvisors’ Top-Rated pool contractors. Our dedication and expertise have brought us to the top of the industry, and we don’t plan to give up our position any time soon.

From the very start, you’ll notice the Pool Patrol is a different kind of pool remodeling team. What’s made us one of the top-rated resurfacing companies in Tampa, FL is our dedication to you. From our fair pricing and friendly contractors to meeting deadlines and our unwavering work ethic, we make sure that you actually enjoy being an active part of your backyard renaissance.

When you work with the Pool Patrol, you are working with more than just your standard remodelers. We are a team of design specialists, expert craftspeople, safety experts, and pool material connoisseurs. So not only will your pool be highly functional, it will be a sturdy, long-lasting work of art.

Ronny and the team take pride in our accessibility. We are capable of not only setting a fair budget but meeting it. Our efficient business model, high-quality materials, and years of experience allow us to work with any budget. Don’t worry about not being able to afford to work the experts. Trust us, we can work with ANYONE.

Our knack for building perfectly functioning pools and our industry-leading tech lets us build you a pool that not only works better but works more efficiently. Some of the most tedious and confusing tasks can now be done with the click of a button. And, with better and more efficient technology installed, you’ll pay less and less each month for your pool.

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A Message from Ronny Snow

Hey everyone, Ronny here. If there’s anything I’ve learned in all of my years of pool resurfacing in Tampa, it’s that your pool is so much more than just a pool.It’s where you forge unforgettable memories with your children, where your entire family comes to celebrate what’s most important in life, and where your friends and neighbors come to enjoy the perfect Florida summers.

I’ve been around this business a long time and I’ve seen plenty of companies promise one thing and deliver another. I’ve seen plenty of missed budgets and plenty of late mornings.

That’s not us. We arrive when we say we’re going to be there. We work hard to make sure everything is done on time and like we promised. I’ve assembled the best team in the business here, and the Pool Patrol has made a name for itself helping local families finally get the pool of their dreams at a price they can afford. So, whether you want a small pool to enjoy with the kids or a masterpiece that belongs in a Las Vegas resort, you’ll get the same dedication to design, planning, and execution from us.

My goal is to build you something safe, efficient, and stunning with the latest technology and best materials that money can buy.

I look forward to working together to make your dreams come true! Let’s talk today and get the ball rolling!

“Ronny was outstanding….and responsive to any issue that was identified. I would recommend his service. In fact, someone else from the neighborhood already hired his firm to do a pool remodel!”

Our services

Elite Pool Remodeling in Tampa Bay

Pool remodeling in Tampa (and the rest of Florida) is a totally different game than most other places. You need an expert team that knows how to deliver. Our services are second to none and backed by years of hands-on experience in the industry. Whether it’s just a resurfacing, a full remodel, or a complete redesign, we can handle any job you throw at us.

Pool Remodeling

This is our specialty. We are the pool remodeling experts down here. Resurfacing, renovation, and remodeling with us produces pools of unrivaled quality. Working with us ensures you have access to the best materials and workmanship money can buy and that you are in love with the finished product. Our technology and skill ensure that many projects can be completed in a matter of days, not months. And, if you do need a full design and remodel, we can provide it fast and with a guarantee of quality.

Pool Services

If there’s one thing we know about Florida, it’s that we love our pools. And the only way to ensure that yours is functioning at a high level is to use top-quality materials and regularly maintain it. Our pool maintenance experts can do everything from testing to cleaning. Talk to us today to find out how we can make your pool look better than ever.

Pool Services
Value Adding Decking
Value-Adding Decking

Need a full remodel? How about just an uplift? The Pool Patrol construct decks that will last a lifetime. Our pavers, travertine, and tile will help add value to your home, make the neighbors gasp, and finally give you a pool that you’ll be happy to relax by.

System Upgrades

It’s 2018...there’s no excuse for having a 20th-century pool. Finally, managing your pool can be a breeze. Imagine not having to do any of those dull and tedious tasks anymore. LED lighting, pool heaters, convenient remote switch control—you name it, we can do it. Our expert installation skills will create a pool that’s more efficient, convenient, and functional than anything you’ve seen before.


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The Pool Patrol Building pools that last a lifetime

Building pool

As a homeowner, you want a pool that’s going to not only wow anyone that lays eyes on it but also be there long enough to justify the investment. Spending thousands on a pool that only lasts a few years and constantly needs remodeling is not financially viable. Keep spending money like that and you’ll end up underwater, and not in the way you’d expected
We offer a range of some of the highest-quality materials in the industry to go along with our top-rated services. From your first interaction with our design specialists, you’ll finally get the feeling that your pool company means business.
Here’s how we make it happen:

Building pools Left
Building pools Right

Top of the line decking material

The material you choose to surround your pool with is so much more than “just a deck.” Your deck adds flavor to your landscape, creates more functional space for activities, is vital for your safety, and creates a tastefully smooth transition to your pool. Our craftsmen are equipped with materials that are safe when wet, don’t trap heat, and, most importantly, last for years to come.
The pool patrol lets you be flexible, so you can



Pool Tile


Pool Tile




And more! Not sure what you want? That’s fine!
Our design experts can inspire and educate you to start the process.

The Latest Automation Technology

Have you ever dreamed of operating your pool at the push of a button? Now you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Tampa, the US, or even overseas, now you can operate your entire pool right from your phone. Just think of the possibilities of automating your pool:

Heating up your outdoor spa on the way home from an amazing dinner date

Never worrying about your pool while you’re on vacation

Lowering your bills by controlling your pump, lighting, and heater at all times

Asking your personal phone assistant to do pretty much anything on your phone (now THAT is really cool)

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Eye-Popping Pool Tiles

Do you want a pool floor that would make even the richest Romans jealous? OK, we admit that’s a bit much, but most people don’t understand just how important your choice of tile is to the finished product. From traditional designs to modern statement-makers, we offer pool tiles in a wide range of shapes and colors. With our selection, there is sure to be something that fits even the pickiest homeowner’s taste. Tiles from the Pool Patrol have superior durability and unrivaled aesthetic beauty. And did we mention our designers are up on the latest trends?

Supplies, Supplies, Supplies

We want to provide you with the ultimate pool experience, and that means equipping you with any and all supplies you need. By using us, you make your life way easier. Filters, chlorine, LED lights—you name it and we can get it for you. Our experts are building today with their eyes down the road, so we can let you know exactly what you’ll need for later.

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HomeAdvisor The Leading Authority on Pool Contractors

You don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, check out the leading authority in the pool contracting business: HomeAdvisor. They are the directory millions of homeowners turn to each year to connect with top-quality contractors and are consistently ranked as the go-to site for niches such as pool contractors, plumbers, roofers, and other home remodeling services.
We are proud to be recognized in several ways as leaders in our craft:

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Like we said before, being a Top-Rated contractor on HomeAdvisor is what makes us stand out in the Tampa pool restoration business. Only companies that provide elite-level services are even considered, let alone awarded.

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We’ve been on HomeAdvisor long enough to have gained a solid reputation. We’ve undergone more than a year of vetting from the directory and customers alike.

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We have passed rigorous screening and approval processes that prove we are leaders in our field. As the highest authority in their industry, HomeAdvisor doesn’t let just anyone through. Each pool contractor is thoroughly analyzed before being listed. We passed everything with flying colors!
If you’re in need of pool resurfacing in Tampa, there’s no better choice than Ronny Snow’s Pool Patrol. With nearly a decade of experience, a Top-Rated award from HomeAdvisor, and hundreds of satisfied clients around the Tampa Area, we are the clear choice for homeowners looking to give their backyard a makeover. If you’re in need of pool restoration, resurfacing, or complete remodeling, check out our FREE cost estimation tool or get in touch with us today for your FREE consultation.
Our only goal is to build you an inspiring pool that lasts for years to come. We’ve helped families just like you get the pool of their dreams and we would love to help you next!

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Our only goal is to build you an inspiring pool that lasts for years to come. We’ve helped families just like you get the pool of their dreams and we would love to help you next!